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Welcome to My Elle Macpherson page, I have tried my best to make this page special in every section.

The layout, information and pictures are the best I could do, and I hope you will like it just like my other Celebrity  pages.

Take time to browse, wish you good luck.. happy surfing!!



Last Update: Sep 08 2000, 8 new pictures (of very high resolution) added in gallery 11.

Best viewed: With MSIE 4.0 and Netscape 4.5 and above, looks bad with AOL or any other browser. 

Note: This site will always keep growing so keep coming for more pictures, updates, info and recent activities of Elle Macpherson.

Don' t hesitate for sending me the link exchange requests, if your site is worth it, my pleasure.. we are all here to help each other! Send your requests by mail.

Thank you!



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Last Updated : February 10, 2001

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